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  • Gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate chip vegan cookies

    By: Fernanda Berganza If you have a sweet tooth or enjoy something sweet after lunch or with your favorite tea or coffee, this is the recipe for yo...
  • Balance Goddess Bowl

    Author: Fernanda Berganza Nowadays, you may have heard about hormonal balance and its importance for energy levels, skin, emotional balance, and we...
  • 3 benefits of an adequate fiber intake

    Author: Fernanda Berganza  Nowadays, the importance of fiber consumption is highlighted. There are even dietary supplements on the market. The tru...
  • Importance of protein: quality of life and muscle mass

    Importance of protein: quality of life and muscle mass Protein is the macronutrient that is responsible for various crucial functions in the human ...
  • Five-ingredient spicy tahini sauce

    Five-ingredient spicy tahini sauce With this sesame seed paste, you can cook various sweet and savory recipes. In addition, it could be a healthy s...
  • Cacao: Mayan Gods´ Drink

    Cocoa was the sacred drink of the Mayans. Initially, the fermented pulp was consumed in the form of alcoholic beverages. Being a complex food to handle, it was considered a luxury product. In addition, for a time it was the currency of the Kingdom of Guatemala, and the god of commerce, ´´Ek Chuah, wore a necklace with cacao seeds, as seen in the imagen.

  • Coconut sugar is a healthy alternative to common sugar, without additives or preservatives, and with vitamins and minerals

    Nowadays, the principal health problems are chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer, among others. These can be prevented with changes related to eating habits, physical activity, rest, and proper stress management.

  • Macadamia Milk

    The easiest vegetable milk to prepare at home It does not require soaking the macadamia nuts in hot water.

  • Balance your hormones and improve your health and energy levels

    Here are some tips and tricks related to nutrition and lifestyle that you may apply to improve your hormonal health.
  • Golden milk overnight oats are an anti-inflammatory breakfast

    Tumeric, present in golden milk, is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods. This is how you can include it at the very beginning of your day.
  • Enjoy all of the benefits and flavor of your superfoods teas

    If you consume tea prepared in a French press, flavors are perceived with greater intensity, and all the benefits of the tea are obtained.

  • Hormonal balance, nutrition, and superfoods

    Hormones control cell activity, blood sugar levels, sleep, reactions to stimuli, fertility, hunger, digestion, blood pressure, energy levels, and more. Hormone synthesis and balance are related to the fuel we provide our body: food, movement, rest, stress levels, genetics, age, sex, and life stage. The majority of these factors can be controlled by lifestyle and day-to-day choices.