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We believe in supporting our local community and working towards a better world.

The following is a description of how we are working to meet the 17 sustainable development goals put forth by the United Nations.

Fair Trade

Whenever possible, we collaborate with small Guatemalan farmers and women’s cooperatives to source our raw materials. When the raw material isn’t available locally, we seek out socially responsible providers so that we ensure the cycle of fair trade continues.

Buy One, Help One

We donate 1% of our net profit to fight chronic childhood malnutrition in Guatemala. One out of every two children in Guatemala suffers from malnutrition. We are grateful that we’re able to help in the fight against hunger and suffering in the country we call home. Maybe you will be encouraged to join the fight because you, too, can do something to make an impact in the lives of hungry children!

The Happy Soul Project

Our founder, who is a meditation and yoga instructor, started sharing inspirational and motivational messages on all our products and through our social media platforms to help our community find joy, have more self-awareness, and fulfill their dreams. This initiative, which we call The Happy Soul Project, has grown since those first messages that you’ll still find on all our products to include books, videos, podcasts, meditations, and courses. In this way, we offer holistic nutrition: for your body with our superfoods, and for your soul with our motivational, inspirational, and free content.

Healthy Body

We sell superfoods not just for their commercial benefits but because we truly believe in providing people with high quality and nutritious food for their physical well-being. In a time when the nutrition levels of common foods are diminishing because of over-farming and poor soil conditions, superfoods are even more important for us to thrive. We were recognized for our efforts by Alterna NGO and Instituto de Progreso Nacional who awarded us with Premio Nacional al Emprendimiento Social (The Guatemalan National Prize for Social Entrepreneurship) for improving the physical and mental health of Guatemalans.

Equal Pay, Equal Opportunity

We strive for gender equality by assuring our employees receive equal pay and equal opportunity for growth. We have zero-tolerance for workplace harassment. We also have gender diversity amongst our staff, employing equal or more women to men.

Creating Quality Jobs 
in Our Community

One of our missions is to create quality job opportunities in the village of San Pedro las Huertas, where our factory is located. From our founding, we have been offering stable entry-level positions to young adults so they can build work experience. With the training and experience they receive, they have the ability to advance internally as we grow as a company. We hope with our continued success, we can increase these opportunities. We also have a strong commitment to our team; without the people who work for Yogi Super Foods, we wouldn’t be able to continue to expand. That is why the CEO decided to share the profits with our dedicated employees. Every successful year Yogi Super Foods has is reflected in year-end bonus checks for our employees.

Environmental Responsibility

Since 2020 we are receiving every year a certification from the Fundación Centro Guatemalteco de Producción más Limpia (CGP+L) for environmentally responsible practices.

Offsetting our Impact

During 2021 with our operations we generate 12 tons of CO2. In order to offset those we have financed the plantation of 300 trees which in 20 years will offset 174 tons. So since 2021 we are CARBON NEUTRAL.

Supporting Sustainable Organic Farming

We are dedicated to sourcing our raw materials from farmers who practice sustainable organic farming techniques for your health as well as the health of our planet. We obtain for our first time in 2021 the USDA organic certification.