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Our team is the backbone of Yogi Super Foods!

As a socially responsible company, creating quality jobs in the village of San Pedro las Huertas, where our factory is located, is an important goal of Yogi Super Foods. We believe in inspiring our employees to grow on a professional and personal level. Yogi Super Foods wouldn’t be possible without them!

Marco Barbi

Marco is the founder and CEO of Yogi Super Foods. Originally from Italy, he’s called Guatemala his home since 2008. His mission is to help provide his customers with healthy foods that nourish the body and motivational messages that inspire the soul. On a day-to-day basis, he manages the company and is in charge of research and development. He loves gomasio, hemp seeds, and nutritional yeast. He always has these on the table to add seasoning and nutritional value to every meal. And, he says, after lunch, he loves to have a piece of raw chocolate!

Miriam Flores

Miriam is our manager. She started in this position in September 2020. She’s a cheerful and humble person who likes to help people in need. She credits her parents for teaching her to have respect for people and to uphold the commitments she makes. Her relationship to God is very important to her and informs her actions professionally and personally.

Candelaria Zamora

Candelaria started with us in May 2016. It was her first formal job. She is a production operator and can always be counted on for being responsible and a team player. She says that she’s learned “to be more efficient and to achieve more as an individual at work, spiritually, and collectively.” Her favorite two products are ghee, which she likes to fry with and to spread on toast; and granola, which she eats as a snack and with yogurt.

Marta Jimenez

Marta has been working with us since July 2016. She is in charge of sanitation in our facilities. She can also be relied on to help out in production when needed. She is a hard worker with a strong work ethic and a single mom of two. She says that she’s “learned to always do her best” while working with us. Her favorite product is granola, which she says she likes because of “its flavor and because it has so many health benefits.”

Victor Hugo Cojulun Del Carmen

Victor has been working with us since January 2017. He is in charge of distribution, delivery, and accounts receivable. He is a joyful, friendly person, and dedicated father who works hard to secure the future of his two young daughters. He says, “Working at what you like will never feel heavy. I never feel that way working here.” His favorite product is gomasio, which he likes to sprinkle on fruit and vegetables. 

Hector Manuel Jolón Quiñonez

Hector has been with Yogi Super Foods since April 2017. He is a warehouse assistant and production operator. He is dependable, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with. He couldn’t pick just one or two favorites so here is his list: coconut oil to make fried plantains; ultimate superfoods blend, which he mixes with juice and in smoothies; nutritional yeast which he likes on salads, especially Russian salad; and our chai tea with milk.

Keri Peyton

Keri joined the team in April 2018 to help with our digital marketing strategy, copywriting, and content development. She’s originally from the USA but has lived in Guatemala since 2007. She loves being part of a company that is dedicated to bettering the community and the world we share, and that has values that are aligned with her own. Her favorite products are matcha because she grew to love it when she lived in Japan and was over the moon when she found out Yogi Super Foods carried it in Guatemala, chai tea because “it is beyond delicious and smells incredible,” and gomasio, which she says, “anyone who has tried it will understand why it’s one of my favorites.”

Andrea Castillo

Andrea started with us in September 2020 as an administrative assistant. She studied secretarial studies and psychology at school. She lives with her adored mother, who helps support her in all her decisions. She loves to read, is super social, and likes to make friends wherever she goes. Her favorite products gomasio and kombucha gringa.

Fernanda Berganza

Fernanda joined the team in September 2022. She is in charge of innovating the company through Tiktok platform and creating nutritionally balanced and delicious recipes. She is a girl who works every day with love, creativity and dedication; giving the best in what she does. Her favorite product is the chocolate spread for its unique flavor and texture.