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Our vision is to support healthy bodies, happy souls, and our community.

Following the motto “Healthy Body, Happy Soul,” Marco Barbi founded Yogi Super Foods in 2014 with the holistic goal of providing nourishment for the body as well as the soul. This objective came from a desire to align his professional life with his spiritual values.

For your body, all of Yogi Super Foods products are made with superior ingredients and offer whole nutrition. Superfoods in general contain more nutrients in small portions than other foods.

We also take into account the special needs and values of our customers. All of our foods are gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan (except for products sweetened with honey), and do not contain preservatives or chemical additives. Most of our ingredients come from USDA certified organic suppliers. The rest of our ingredient are locally sourced from small farmers who follow organic and environmental practices, but who can’t afford the expensive certification process. Our facilities and products are registered with the FDA and meet all requirements of food safety and quality. For your soul, Marco created The Happy Soul Project. He shares inspirational and motivational messages on all our products and through our social media platforms to help you find joy and fulfil your dreams. To learn more, visit The Happy Soul Project.

As a company based in Guatemala, we believe it is also our social responsibility to support our local community and work towards a better world. We create quality jobs and training opportunities in the village of San Pedro las Huertas, where our factory is located. We also collaborate with small Guatemalan farmers and women’s cooperatives and contribute 1% of our net profits to fight chronic childhood malnutrition.

Our vision is to generate positive social, environmental and economic impact both in Guatemala and globally with integrity, coherence, confidence, respect, empathy, commitment, and love. Integrity and coherence in everything we do and say, inspiring confidence with our actions and our words. Respect for all living beings, including our planet. Empathy to understand and face each situation in its own context. Commitment to our mission, vision, and values, while infusing love into everything we produce and project.