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Cacao: Mayan Gods´ Drink

Author: Fernanda Berganza

Cocoa was the sacred drink of the Mayans. Initially, the fermented pulp was consumed in the form of alcoholic beverages. Being a complex food to handle, it was considered a luxury product. In addition, for a time it was the currency of the Kingdom of Guatemala, and the god of commerce, ´´Ek Chuah, wore a necklace with cacao seeds, as seen in the imagen.

Guatemala is the main exporter of cacao-based products in Central America, this being one of the main crops. In addition, it is famous in the international market as a producer of gourmet chocolate produced by the Mayan Indigenous in the northern region of Alta Verapaz, Cobán.

At Yogi Super Foods, we support the Guatemalan farmers and artisans of Alta Verapaz by being their cacao suppliers. We use organic cacao to make vegan products. By processing the cacao bean, we obtain:

  • Cacao husk tea
  • Cacao seeds
  • Cacao butter
  • Cacao powder

From these byproducts and hand in hand with our superfoods, we create super chocolate bars. In addition to providing benefits and flavor, they are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. They are the following:

  • 100% dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate, 85%
  • White chocolate acai bowl
  • White chocolate with black maca
  • Golden milk white chocolate
  • Matcha white chocolate latte
  • White chocolate with blue spirulina

This way, you can include the benefits of cocoa while supporting Guatemalan farmers and rewarding your body with healthy superfoods. 


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