We are an enviromentally Conscious Social Company.

By supporting us you also contribute to the positive impact we generate.


Every day we make choices: what we buy and eat, where we go and shop. These decisions are powerful; and like a ripple effect, they impact the world.Imagine how we could thrive and the change we could create if our daily choices rewarded companies that operate with integrity and have a positive impact on the world. Big corporations would have to follow what the market is demanding.



How you can support our Conscious Consumption Movement.

By allowing us to be your healthy food supplier.

We suggest you to start with these packages.

Spreading Happiness! $10

Do you want to help spread happiness?
The Happy Soul Project supports personal growth through inspirational messages and other content. Our founder Marco Barbi, who is a meditation and yoga instructor, wanted to do more than just sell superfoods. He wanted to help his community find joy, have more self-awareness, and fulfill their goals. He named this initiative The Happy Soul Project and started sharing inspirational and motivational messages on all our packaging and through our social media platforms with the hope that you’d find serendipitous inspiration from them when they come to your attention.

Take part in this conscious movement and invest in your health! $95

Do you want to make a difference?

Invest in your health and reward Yogi Super Foods for being a conscious company focused on creating a positive impact on the lives of our clients and employees, and on the planet. You will receive a collection of 15 of our top-rated, delicious, and nutritious superfoods.

The Healthy Body, Happy Soul Gift Box for your friends and family! $125

Do you want to do something nice for your friends or family? 
We will send four, seven, or ten gift boxes of healthy and delicious superfoods for you to give to your favorite friends or family members. Each gift box includes four all-time favorites

They will also have access to four of our exclusive Happy Soul Project online meditations. Positively impact the health and wellness of your loved ones.

Listen to our Happy Soul Project podcast Season 1 "Do What's Right"

This is a personal development podcast that guides you on an inner journey of 40 days or 40 weeks.

Each episode is composed of a motivational message, an explanation, a guided meditation, and four self-evaluation journaling questions that invite introspection and deep reflection. Each season will have a distinct theme and consist of 40 episodes.